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So I’ve been blogging about wild food and foraging on Going Wild for over a year now, since graduating from the University of Exeter in 2013. 

Besides foraging and blogging, I filled my time with kitchen work in local restaurants, bar work in local pubs, as a foraging instructor and cook at Hunter Gather Cook wild food school in Sussex, and in the summer I interned as a chef at Noma, the gastro behemoth in Copenhagen, for three months.

All of that was great fun, it really was, but I’d reached that point in my post-university life where I still really hadn’t a clue what I wanted to do. Get a job? Sort my life out?

It was with much deliberation and deep contemplation that I came up with only one solution; to put off real life for as long as possible by travelling and eating my way round the world for a year, a pretty sensible idea, if you ask me.

I’m writing this from a balcony in Sydney, with a view over the city, a sunburnt nose, and a belly full of oysters and sashimi from the market, so, although I’ve only been here a few weeks, I’d have to say this whole putting off real life idea was a jolly good shout!

I’ll be in Oz until mid October, just over 7 months in total, I’ll then head to New Zealand for one month, followed by a flight over the Pacific to Santiago, Chile for the part of the trip I’m most looking forward to - snaking my up through South and Central America for as long as I so wish – I haven’t yet booked a return flight home, so who knows what will happen…

*plans have changed and I'm still in Oz, working and travelling. Flights have been booked to NZ on January 4th 2016, where I'll spend a month,  flying to Santiago afterwards*

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I’m enjoying eating the subject matter!

Much love,


Sporting the hanfu, Chinese Gardens, Sydney



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