Steak at Pablo's, MK2

  The last steak night at Pablo's went down pretty well, so we thought we'd do another just before he left Melbourne and back to Spain and Denmark. Last time we served steak with triple cooked chips and a creamy mushroom dipping sauce, traditional and European. Inspired by our looming trip to South America, and after some research on Argentinian cuisine, which frequently came back with claims of 'the best steak in the world,’ we diversified somewhat; steak with sweet potato and confit garlic puree with chimichurri. 
  Turnout was slightly lower than the previous steak night, so only 8 ribeyes (scotch fillets) were needed. I say 8, but I’m skeptical as to whether we were in fact given 8 ribeyes - to me it looks more like 4 ribeyes and 4 rumps steaks. There was certainly a marked difference in tenderness between the 4 ribeyes in the top left of the picture below compared to the other mystery steaks. 
  Anyway, I shan’t go in to much detail here as I’ve already done a very similar post. The sweet potato puree and chimichurri recipes can be found below, to see the steak recipe / reverse sear technique click HERE

although all were supposed to be ribeye, the four
top left steaks were far more tender


A fairly standard chimi recipe, I kind of just chucked everything in and adjusted as I went on. A rough starting point;

2 bunches parsley, with stalks
1 bunch oregano, stalks removed
6 cloves garlic
1 tbs red wine vinegar
zest of 1 lemon
juice of 2 lemons
4 shallots
extra virgin olive oil 
salt + black pepper

Start by pulsing the parsley and olive oil in a food processor, and the rest of ingredients, pulse, season, adjust. 

Sweet potato puree:

Boil 5 medium-large sweet potatoes until soft, drain, leave to steam dry for 20 minutes, blend in food processor with 8 cloves of confit garlic, butter and cream. Season.

Hen on the pans

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